Protect Your Passwords With
Sticky Password Premium

Sticky Password Premium is a secure and easy-to-use password manager that helps you keep your computer, online web accounts and personal information safe.

If you are not using a password manager, your passwords are probably not secure enough. Perhaps you also use the same password for multiple computers and online web accounts.

This is a very bad idea.

It means that if someone figures out your password, or breaks into just one online website and steals their password database (if you read the news you know that companies get broken into all the time), they will be able to access your personal information and data everywhere.

Why take such a risk?

Computer security is all about adding multiple obstacles to protect your computers, tablets, smart phones, and personal information and data they hold from cyber intruders that are looking for an easy target.

We use passwords for everything. Securing them is extremely important.

There is a lot of mediocre software out there, especially in the security field.

People and companies get hacked all the time. Sometimes we read about it in the news, and sometimes they never tell us they lost our personal information and data.

I use Sticky Password Premium on all my computers. See below why you should consider using it as well.

Why Use Sticky Password Premium?

You may be keeping your passwords in Microsoft Excel, Word, or Notepad.

There are some serious problems with this strategy.

1) Your Passwords Are Not Stored Securely

If you store your passwords in a digital document like Microsoft Excel, Word, Notepad,  your passwords are not secure, and anyone can read them.

All they need to do is open the Excel/Word/Notepad and they will have full access to all your passwords.

There is a lot of malware that hunts for passwords. In fact, most such computer attacks are automated with password-stealing software that cyber thieves use. If your computer is infected with malware, you will not even know that your passwords were stolen.

Sticky Password manager keeps your passwords secure. Your passwords are only available to you, because Sticky Password encrypts your password database (where your passwords are stored).

Encryption scrambles the password database, so it is unreadable for everyone.

When you want to use your password database - which is when you need to use your passwords - you have to decrypt it by first typing in your master password.

Only you know your master password. If a thief or her malware steals your encrypted password database, she will not be able to open it or read it.

She may attempt to break the protection of the encrypted passwords database by trying all the combinations of letters and numbers in hope to guess your password. But if your master password is secure, she will fail, and give up.

Why would she waste her time with your secure password database, when she can better spend it stealing passwords from other people that store their passwords in easy-to-read text documents like Microsoft Excel, Word, or Notepad?

With Sticky Password, when you need your passwords, you type in your master password, and then have access to them. From then on, for as long as you use your computer actively, you do not have to re-enter your master password.

Even though you unlocked your encrypted passwords database with your master password, if a cyber thief somehow steals your passwords database, she will still not be able to open it.

This is because in order to open it, she needs to type in your master password, which she does not know. The fact that you have it opened does not mean she can read it.

If you step away from your computer, the Sticky Password database will automatically lock again. This protects you from someone walking to your computer when you are not there, and reading your passwords.

The automatic locking of the Sticky Password database can be configured the way you like it. It can be time-based (if you don’t use your computer for a number of minutes, the password database will lock), or you can configure it to lock every time your screensaver comes on.

Keeping your passwords in a computer file like Microsoft Excel, Word, or Notepad is a very bad idea. Your passwords stored in this way are not secure at all.

Passwords stored in the Sticky Password manager software is very secure. The password database itself is encrypted and only you can open it with your master password.

2) Your Passwords Are Not Synchronized Across All Your Devices

If you keep your passwords in a computer file like Microsoft Excel, Word, or Notepad, they are not automatically synchronized across all your computers, smart phones and tablets.

If you have two or more digital devices, you will have to copy the password database yourself from one device to another every time you update it - every time you add a new password, or change an existing  password.

You then have to keep track of which password database has the latest passwords, to know which one to copy from one computer to another (or smart phone, or tablet). If you change your password on one device and update your password database there, you have to remember to copy that password database to your other devices.

This can become complex. You will eventually lose track, and start making copies of your password databases, because you will not be sure which one is the latest one, and you do not want to overwrite the wrong one.

Having multiple unsecured files with your passwords magnifies the password security issue.

Every time you make a copy of your password database, you risk forgetting about it, and leaving it unprotected somewhere. This is especially dangerous if you use USB sticks to copy the password database back and forth between different computers.

Since your password database is not encrypted, if a cyber thief gets a hold of any password database file, she will have access to all your passwords.

Sticky Password manager software synchronizes your passwords automatically between computers, tablets and smart phones. It can use its own secure cloud servers for this, or if you prefer, it can synchronize them locally over your Wi-Fi connection. This way your (still encrypted and secure) password database does not leave your devices.

3) Your Passwords Can Be Stolen From Computer Memory

When you copy your password from the password database (in this case an unsecured computer file like Microsoft Excel, Word, or Notepad) and paste it in the password field on the website that you are logging into, your password stays in the computer clipboard.

There are ways, with the right access to your computer, to steal the contents of the computer clipboard.

Sometimes you copy and paste your password into the password field, and then do not copy anything else for a long time. In this case, your password stays in the computer clipboard for a long time.

The longer it is there, the more opportunity you give the computer malware to steal it.

Sticky Password manager software deletes your passwords from the computer clipboard after a number of seconds. This is configurable, and you can specify how long to leave the password on the clipboard. You only need enough time to copy it and then paste it into the web browser, and 10 seconds should be plenty of time for that.

More importantly, Sticky Password works with your web browsers through a special Sticky Password web browser extension, and can fill in the username and password for you automatically when you are logging into a website.

This way you do not even have to copy and paste your password - the Sticky Password software does it for you. More secure, and much faster!

Sticky Password To The Rescue

Here are some additional benefits of using a Sticky Password manager.

You Only Have One Password To Remember

I use a different password for everything. Last time I did a casual count, I had a little less than 200 passwords.

It sounds like a lot, but you probably have even more.

There is no way we could remember all those passwords. With Sticky Password Premium, you only have to remember one password, called the master password. This is the password that unlocks the Sticky Password Premium password database.

Once it is unlocked, you have access to all your other passwords.

It Has Excellent Security

Passwords locked inside the Sticky Password Premium are encrypted with a military strength encryption.

This means that even if someone breaks into your computer and steals the password database, they would have a hard time opening it. If they cannot open it, they cannot look at your passwords.

Sticky Password Premium does not force you to synchronize your passwords with the cloud. While the cloud has its strong points, and in this particular case is controlled by the company that created and supports the Sticky Password manager, you may not want to use it.

The good news is, you have a choice. You do not have to use the Sticky Password cloud to synchronize your password database across multiple computers, tablets and smart phones.

You can synchronize your passwords locally, over your Wi-Fi network. That's awesome!

This way your password database never leaves your own devices.

If you change your mind in the future, it is very easy to start using the cloud to synchronize and back up your passwords.

It Runs On Many Devices

You can use Sticky Password Premium on as many computers, tablets and smart phones as you want. The software license is tied to you, not your computer.

This is not only cost effective, it saves you time. When you replace your computer, or purchase a new one, you do not have to call anyone to transfer the license. You just install the Sticky Password software on the new computer, and you are ready to go.

Sticky Password supports Windows PCs, Macs, Android devices and iPhones and iPads.

There Is a Lifetime Edition

There is a lifetime edition available, which gives you all the features of Sticky Password Premium  forever.

We will probably have other ways to secure our personal information in the future. These new ways will replace the passwords.

But it will take time. And there will be old applications and services that will take even more time to switch to the new ways. Passwords will not disappear overnight.

I don't know about you - I only have more and more passwords, not less.

The bottom line: whatever happens in the future, it is good to have options.

It Is Easy To Use

Sticky Password Premium is easy to use.

It is particularly important for a security software application to be simple and straightforward to use. This is because any mistakes you make while using the application can be costly. If something goes wrong, the safety of your computer and personal information is at stake.

Sticky Password Premium is simple and works well. It was not created for security experts, but for people like you that use a computer as a tool to get work done.

It Has Good Support

Sticky Password Premium is supported by the company that writes the software.

If you have a problem, you can contact the company for support. This is really great, because the software that keeps and manages your passwords is very important for your computer security.

Knowing that you can contact someone for help gives you a piece of mind.

Do not lose your master password though. No one else knows it but you, and since Sticky Password is very secure, no one will be able to help you if you forget your master password.

But for everything else, there are people ready to help you.

Keep Your Passwords Safe

Password manager is a software tool that keeps all your passwords safe and in one place. It enables you to use strong and secure passwords because you do not have to remember them. The password manager remembers them for you.

All you need to remember is one password - the master password that unlocks the password manager software.

I use and recommend Sticky Password Premium because:

  • You only have one password to remember (your master password)
  • It is secure - your passwords are always encrypted locally
  • You don't have to use the cloud to synchronize across devices (use Wi-Fi)
  • It supports Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone
  • You can install it on all your devices (computers, tablets and smart phones)
  • It can generate secure passwords for you
  • It is easy to use
  • There is a lifetime edition (buy once and use forever)
  • It is supported and the support is good

Sticky Password Premium is secure, easy to use, and cost effective.

Using bad, easy-to-guess passwords, or one password for many websites, is not worth the risk.

Passwords are often the only protection between your personal information and data, and cyber criminals. Using a password manager will greatly increase your computer security.

As a Smart Computer Security reader you can get started with Sticky Password Premium for $14.99 (50% off).

After you get it, follow this short guide to install it on your computer.