StartPage Private Internet Web Search

StartPage is a private and secure Internet web search that protects your privacy by not recording your personal information.

It uses Google for your web searching and enables you to keep your privacy.

Protecting your privacy has several benefits:

  • Your searches are not used to target you with ads and follow you around the web
  • Your web browser information is not stored anywhere
  • Your IP address information is not stored anywhere
  • Tracking ID cookies are not used to track you as you surf the web
  • Your search results are uncensored
  • No "prediction" algorithm tries to guess what you want to search for

The less information third parties (especially Google and Facebook) have about you and your behavior on the Internet, the more secure you are.

You also experience the Internet in its purest form, the way it was originally designed to be. If no one knows your needs, wants and behavior, no one will push content and ads they think you want to see to your web browser.

You can breathe better, and search for things YOU want to know about. Rather than getting things pushed ON to you by some software "intelligence" that thinks it knows what you want.

StartPage gives you privacy, which is a basic human need, and important for our well-being, healthy state of mind, and happiness.

You keep the same functionality (use Google for your searching) and increase your privacy (Google doesn't collect your personal information and doesn't follow you around).

A true win-win situation, with an important bonus: increased computer security.

The less companies out there know about you and your computer, the less opportunity they have to collect precise data on you and your behavior, the less opportunity there is for that data to be abused to compromise your computer security.

Install and Configure StartPage For Mozilla Firefox

1. Open your Mozilla Firefox web browser and go to:

2. Click on "Add to Firefox".

3. Click on "HERE".

4. Select "Make this the current search engine", and click on "Add".

5. Click on the "X" button to close the "Search with StartPage in Firefox" window.

6. Open Firefox "Options".

7. Configure Firefox for StartPage.

  1. Select the "Search" menu.
  2. Make sure "StartPage" is selected under "Default Search Engine".
  3. Make sure only "StartPage" is selected under "One-Click Search Engines".

8. Do a test search, in this case we search for a "new car".

9. Success! StartPage search engine is configured correctly.

Congratulations! Your web searches are now private and more secure.