Password Manager Increases Password Security

Password manager is a software application that helps you manage your passwords in an easy and secure way. After you put all your passwords into the password manager, you don’t have to remember them any longer.

To keep your computer and personal information safe you have to use secure passwords that are difficult for someone to guess and for the computer to break.

No matter what new and fancy technology gets invented next, we will continue to use passwords for a long time. This is because it is not enough to come up with a new authentication method - like fingerprints or eye scans - we need entirely new concepts and authentication architectures as well.

We are still using passwords today, and with no good replacement in sight you have to make sure your passwords are secure. Otherwise, you are very likely to have your passwords stolen and your computer or website account broken into.

Password Manager Keeps Your Passwords Safe

Writing down strong, secure passwords on a piece of paper or a sticky note is a very bad idea. You cannot leave passwords in plain sight, even at home. And sooner or later, you are probably going to misplace the piece of paper on which you wrote down the password.

The best way to use strong and secure passwords is by using a password manager.

Password manager stores all your passwords so you do not have to remember them.

The password management software is protected with its own password. To access all your other passwords that are stored inside the password management software, you only need to remember that one password, called a master password.

You have to use a strong, hard-to-guess master password, because this password keeps all your other passwords safe.

Mnemonic phrases can help you remember a password that is strong yet difficult for computers to break and for cyber thieves to guess.

For example, “I will always use Strong Passwords because they keep my Computer secure” becomes IwauSPbtkmCs. Then make it even stronger with a few numbers and special characters: %20IwauSPbtkmCs17%.

Still, such a password may not be easy to remember initially. Try to memorize it before you protect the password management software with it.

Don't Lose The Master Password

You need a fail-safe. Write the password down on a piece of paper, put it inside an envelope, and seal the envelope. If you have a safe, put the envelope inside it. If not, hide it - but don’t forget where you put it!

Use the envelope with a security tint. If you can’t get one, then wrap a few sheets of paper around the piece of paper on which you wrote down the password, and put it all together inside the envelope.

You don’t want someone to lift the envelope towards the light and be able to read the password through the thin wall of a regular envelope.

Start Using Strong Passwords

Using strong passwords is one of the best ways to keep your computer secure.

Password manager keeps all your passwords in one safe place. It helps you use secure passwords because you don't have to remember them. It remembers them for you.

It can also generate secure passwords for you when you need them.

Not only will your computer be more secure, you will have a peace of mind knowing that your personal data and information is safe.

If you are looking for a good and secure password manager, I use and recommend Sticky Password Premium.