Installing uBlock Origin Firefox Add-on

Installing uBlock Origin Firefox add-on protects your Internet privacy by blocking ads, trackers and malware sites from loading in your Firefox web browser. It is a general purpose blocker you can use to block as little or as much unwanted content as you want.

You are being tracked on the Internet - everywhere you go - with ads, trackers, analytics and scripts. There is malware (malicious software that attacks your computer) hidden inside websites trying to break into your computer or steal your personal information and data.

Ads and trackers violate your right to privacy. They constantly follow you to build a profile of everything you do on the Internet. These technologies are very intrusive and difficult to avoid.

When you see ads spinning and dancing, and playing videos you don't necessarily want to see, this is only the visible part of a massive-scale privacy invasion you're facing while surfing the web.

There is a lot more going on hidden behind the scenes. The goal is to learn everything there is to know about you in order to sell you services and goods (anything really) before you buy them somewhere else. The resulting privacy violations are extremely intrusive.

You may think that using a blocker is a form of theft. It is not. You have the right to privacy, it is a basic human right. Spying on people is creepy and illegal. Would you tolerate a Peeping Tom staring at you through your window, or a sales person following you around town recording everything you do?

There is no harm in protecting your privacy, and may see less ads, which can be a very refreshing experience.

Installing uBlock Origin Add-on

Installing uBlock Origin protects your privacy on the Internet by blocking ads, trackers, scripts, servers and other third-party entities invading your privacy.

uBlock Origin is not an ad blocker but a general-purpose (wide-spectrum) blocker. Ads are just one intrusive technology it blocks.

When you install uBlock Origin, it is already configured for a balanced protection. It blocks ads, trackers and malware sites. But it can block a lot more if you want it to, for example scripts and third-party servers.

uBlock Origin uses lists that instruct it what to block. Some lists are enabled by default, and many more are available. Once you install uBlock Origin it is easy to un-select any of the lists that were pre-selected if you think uBlock Origin blocks too much. You can also select additional lists if you think it is not blocking enough.

uBlock Origin is very efficient. It works faster than other less efficient blockers and uses less of your computer resources, so web pages load faster and your laptop battery lasts longer.

It is best not to install uBlock Origin with other blockers like AdBlock or Adblock Plus, because they can interfere with uBlock Origin working properly.

Although this guide is for installing uBlock Origin on Windows 10, Mac and Linux are very similar. Some naming conventions may be different, but overall, it is still the same web browser.

Installing uBlock Origin takes nine (9) simple steps.

1) Open Firefox Add-ons Manager

Open Firefox, then click on the "hamburger" icon (upper right corner), and select "Add-ons".

2) Search for uBlock Origin

Step 1: "Extensions" (left menu)

Step 2: You're now on the "Add-ons Manager" configuration page. In the search box, search for ublock origin.

3) Click on uBlock Origin

You will get many results. Click on "uBlock Origin" (by Raymond Hill), it is usually the top result.

4) Add uBlock Origin to Firefox

You are now on the uBlock Origin installation page. Click on "Add to Firefox".

5) Allow Permissions

Firefox will ask you to allow five permissions in order to install uBlock Origin. Click on "Add".

6) Allow uBlock Origin to Run in Private Windows

Select "Allow this extension to run in Private Windows" and click on "Okay, Got It".

7) Close uBlock Origin Installation Tab

Installing uBlock Origin extension in your Firefox is now complete. Close the "uBlock Origin" installation tab.

8) Confirm uBlock Origin Is Installed

You're now back at the "Add-ons Manager" where you can manage your add-ons (extensions). If you see "uBlock Origin" under the Enabled extensions section, it means it was successfully installed.

9) Check Out the New uBlock Origin Firefox Icon

You now have a new uBlock Origin icon in your Firefox. If you click on it, you will see the list of blocked requests that uBlock Origin has so far blocked. You can also manage blockers and other uBlock Origin settings.


You have successfully installed uBlock Origin add-on in your Firefox. Enjoy your right to surf the Internet in a more private and secure way.

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