Installing Privacy Badger Firefox Add-on

Installing Privacy Badger Firefox add-on stops advertisers and other third-party trackers from secretly tracking where you surf and what websites you visit on the Internet.

In order to serve you "relevant" ads, advertisers track you across the Internet. As you surf from website to website, they know where you go, what web pages you look at and what links you click on.

They are doing this without your permission or consent.

They think you love to see all these "just for you" ads they are constantly pushing in your face. Just as you think of something you want to buy, boom, there is an ad for it saving you money.


No, I didn't think so.

If your experience is anything like mine, you don't see any relevant ads. In fact, it feels creepy, trackers following you around the Internet, analyzing what you read and guessing what you want to buy next.

You deserve to surf in peace.

Installing Privacy Badger blocks Internet trackers and increases your web privacy and security. Privacy is a basic human right and you should be free to surf the web without anyone looking over your shoulder and analyzing everything you do or read.

Installing Privacy Badger Add-on

Installing Privacy Badger Firefox blocks third-party advertisers that track you without your consent. It blocks them automatically as you surf the web, and you don't need to configure anything.

Under the hood, Privacy Badger tracks all the sources of content that make up the web pages you read. As you surf around, it notices when the same source seems to be tracking you.

A source is where the content you see on a web page comes from. When you view, for example, a vacuum review web page, it might load the review itself from a company that reviews vacuums, ads from an ad company, and reader comments from another company. Firefox loads all these sources, puts them together and presents you with a final product - the web page you requested.

When Privacy Badger notices a source is tracking you across the Internet, it tells Firefox not to load any more content from that source. When Firefox stops loading content from a source, that source can no longer track you.

Although this guide is for installing Privacy Badger on Windows 10, Mac and Linux are very similar. Some naming conventions may be different, but overall, it is still the same web browser.

Installing Privacy Badger takes ten (10) simple steps.

1) Open Firefox Configuration Options

Open Firefox, then click on the "hamburger" icon (upper right corner), and select "Add-ons".

2) Search for Privacy Badger

Step 1: "Extensions" (left menu)

Step 2: You're now on the "Add-ons Manager" configuration page. In the search box, search for privacy badger.

3) Click on Privacy Badger

You will get many results. Click on "Privacy Badger" (made by EFF Technologists), it is usually the top result.

4) Add Privacy Badger to Firefox

You are now on the Privacy Badger installation page. Click on "Add to Firefox".

5) Allow Permissions

Firefox will ask you to allow four permissions in order to install Privacy Badger. Click on "Add".

6) Allow Privacy Badger to Run in Private Windows

Select "Allow this extension to run in Private Windows" and click on "Okay, Got It".

7) Close Privacy Badger Thank You Page

Installing Privacy Badger extension in your Firefox is now complete. Close the "Thank you for installing Privacy Badger!" tab.

8) Close Privacy Badger Installation Tab

Also close the "Privacy Badger" Firefox installation tab.

9) Confirm Privacy Badger Is Installed

You're now back at the "Add-ons Manager" where you can manage your add-ons (extensions). If you see "Privacy Badger" under the Enabled extensions section, it means it was successfully installed.

10) Check Out the New Privacy Badger Firefox Icon

You now have a new Privacy Badger icon in your Firefox. If you click on it, you will see the list of trackers (if any) that Privacy Badger has so far noticed or blocked. You can also manage the individual trackers.

In this example there are five detected trackers:

  • Four (4) trackers are well known and are blocked
  • One (1) tracker is allowed, for now, but is being watched


You have successfully installed Privacy Badger add-on in your Firefox. Enjoy surfing with increased Internet privacy and without being excessively tracked by advertisers and other third-party trackers that want to spy on you without your consent.

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