Installing Facebook Container Firefox Add-on

Installing Facebook Container Firefox Add-on increases your Internet privacy and security by making it harder for Facebook to track your visits to other websites.

Even when you are not logged into Facebook, it tracks you across the Internet. It does this with Facebook cookies (small files it puts on your computer) and Facebook buttons (like Facebook Share) that are present on many websites.

It is not a secret that Facebook shares your personal information and data with many third party companies, in addition to using it themselves for marketing and advertising. It's tracking is very intrusive. It does not just track everything you do on Facebook, it tracks you when you browse on other, non-Facebook websites.

If there is no such thing as a free lunch, and social websites are free, then YOU are the product.

Because Facebook knows a lot about you - the Facebook App on your phone is especially invasive - it is in excellent position to abuse all the data you have given it.

Still, you may find Facebook valuable or necessary. This is why good people at Mozilla Firefox have created the Facebook Container Add-on.

Installing Facebook Container Add-on

Installing Facebook Container Add-on keeps your Facebook identity isolated from all other websites. This makes it harder for Facebook to track your visits to non-Facebook websites.

Facebook uses cookies. Facebook Container add-on puts Facebook cookies into an isolated bucket. Facebook cookies are stored into its own isolated storage area on your computer, and are kept separate from all other cookies that come from all other websites.

When you visit a non-Facebook website that has, for example, a Facebook Share button, Facebook generally can track you. With the Facebook Container add-on, Facebook cannot track you, because Facebook is confined to its own Firefox Container.

Firefox Facebook Container cannot prevent Facebook from mishandling the data it already has. When you use Facebook, in its own Firefox Facebook Container, Facebook still collects your data.

Although this guide is for installing Facebook Container on Windows 10, Mac and Linux are very similar. Some naming conventions may be different, but overall, it is still the same web browser.

Installing Facebook Container takes nine (9) simple steps.

0) Remove Existing Facebook Container First

If you do not have the Firefox Multi-Account Containers Add-on installed, skip this step and continue with "Step 1" below.

If you already have the Firefox Multi-Account Containers Add-on installed, and you have (and/or, and/or assigned to a Firefox Container, you need to un-assign them first.

To un-assign (and/or, and/or from a Firefox Container:

Step 1: With your mouse, left-click and hold the "+" button next to your right-most Firefox tab. A "Firefox Containers" menu will pop up.

Step 2: Select "Manage Containers".

Next to the "Facebook" Container, click on the "Remove" button.

Close the "Container Tabs" tab and continue with the Facebook Container Add-on installation below.

Continue with the Facebook Container Add-on installation below.

1) Open Firefox Add-ons Manager

Open Firefox, then click on the "hamburger" icon (upper right corner), and select "Add-ons".

2) Search for Facebook Container

Step 1: "Extensions" (left menu)

Step 2: You're now on the "Add-ons Manager" configuration page. In the search box, search for facebook container.

3) Click on Facebook Container

You will get many results. Click on "Facebook Container" (by Mozilla Firefox), it is usually the top result.

4) Add Facebook Container to Firefox

You are now on the Facebook Container installation page. Click on "Add to Firefox".

5) Allow Permissions

Firefox will ask you to allow four permissions in order to install Facebook Container. Click on "Add".

6) Allow Facebook Container to Run in Private Windows

Select "Allow this extension to run in Private Windows" and click on "Okay, Got It".

7) Close Facebook Container Installation Tab

Installing Facebook Container extension in your Firefox is now complete. Close the "Facebook Container" installation tab.

8) Confirm Facebook Container Is Installed

You're now back at the "Add-ons Manager" where you can manage your add-ons (extensions). If you see "Facebook Container" under the Enabled extensions section, it means it was successfully installed.

9) Check Out the New Facebook Container Firefox Icon

You now have a new Facebook Container icon in your Firefox. When it detects Facebook is tracking you, it will block it and display a purple exclamation point.

10) Congratulations!

You have successfully installed Facebook Container add-on in your Firefox. Facebook and its tracking of what you do on the Internet will now be confined to its own Facebook Container. When you visit other websites Facebook will not know about it.

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