Installing Cookie AutoDelete Firefox Add-on

Installing Cookie AutoDelete Firefox add-on improves your computer security and privacy by automatically deleting unwanted cookies after you close a Firefox tab.

Websites put cookies, or small text files, on your computer. Cookies are a fundamental web technology and without them we would not have the modern web.

There are also tracking cookies. As you move from website to website, tracking cookies on your computer get read and updated. They are used to track your web surfing habits.

Companies use cookies, in combination with other tracking tools like hidden images embedded in websites, to build and maintain a profile on you. They do this without your consent.

They know which websites you visit and when, what content you read, and what products and services you buy. The data they collect is sometimes sold to bidding corporations.

Tracking on the Internet is excessive. Companies use it to bombard you with product and service offerings. Since they know you so well, they show you ads and other content they think you would like. This can be visually and mentally overwhelming, as well as lead to unnecessary spending on things you probably don't need or even like.

The more harmful consequence of excessive tracking is that you could be shown specific content that is different from content other people see. One well-known tactic is to show you a different price for the same product, depending on your online behavior and where you are located. This is just one way companies take advantage of you.

This is a form of manipulation. Do you want to be taken advantage of? Do you want large companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook to decide what content you should read?

Installing Cookie AutoDelete Firefox Add-on

Installing Cookie AutoDelete Firefox Add-on helps you better protect your privacy. It deletes cookies that belong to a Firefox tab after you close that tab.

When you use Firefox you likely have many tabs opened. Managing cookies in this situation is difficult - how do you know which Firefox tab has which cookies?

Cookie AutoDelete tracks which cookies belong to which Firefox tab. When you close a tab, Cookie AutoDelete deletes the cookies associated with that tab.

You can create whitelists to keep specific cookies present permanently in Firefox. Those cookies will not get deleted when you close a Firefox tab or Firefox itself.

You can also create greylists, which will keep specific cookies present until you close or restart Firefox.

Cookie AutoDelete does not clean cookies automatically until you enable  the "Auto-clean" feature. This gives you the chance to add websites to the whitelist.

It also works with the Firefox Multi-Account Containers add-on. When you close a Firefox tab, it only deletes the cookies in that Firefox Container.

Although this guide is for installing Cookie AutoDelete on Windows 10, Mac and Linux are very similar. Some naming conventions may be different, but overall, it is still the same web browser.

Installing Cookie AutoDelete takes eleven (11) simple steps.

1) Open Firefox Add-ons Manager

Open Firefox, then click on the "hamburger" icon (upper right corner), and select "Add-ons".

2) Search for Cookie AutoDelete

Step 1: "Extensions" (left menu)

Step 2: You're now on the "Add-ons Manager" configuration page. In the search box, search for cookie autodelete.

3) Click on Cookie AutoDelete

You will get many results. Click on "Cookie AutoDelete" (by CAD Team), it is usually the top result.

4) Add Cookie AutoDelete to Firefox

You are now on the Cookie AutoDelete installation page. Click on "Add to Firefox".

5) Allow Permissions

Firefox will ask you to allow five permissions in order to install Cookie AutoDelete. Click on "Add".

6) Allow Cookie AutoDelete to Run in Private Windows

Select "Allow this extension to run in Private Windows" and click on "Okay, Got It".

7) Close Cookie AutoDelete Installation Tab

Installing Cookie AutoDelete extension in your Firefox is now complete. Close the "Cookie AutoDelete" installation tab.

8) Confirm Cookie AutoDelete Is Installed

You're now back at the "Add-ons Manager" where you can manage your add-ons (extensions). If you see "Cookie AutoDelete" under the Enabled extensions section, it means it was successfully installed.

9) Check Out the New Cookie AutoDelete Firefox Icon

You now have a new Cookie AutoDelete icon in your Firefox. From there you can:

  • Add specific websites to the whitelist (keep cookies permanently)
  • Add specific websites to the greylist (keep cookies until Firefox restarts)
  • See the last few cookies that were deleted
  • Turn cookie Auto-clean feature on or off
  • Access Cookie AutoDelete settings
  • Clean cookies for the website you are currently accessing

10) Turn On the Auto-Clean Feature

Installing Cookie AutoDelete does not automatically enable the Auto-clean feature. The Auto-clean feature automatically cleans cookies when you close a Firefox Tab.

This is to give you a chance to add websites to the whitelist. Cookies for whitelisted websites do not get automatically deleted.

When you are ready, turn on the Auto-clean feature:

Click on the "Cookie AutoDelete" Firefox icon in the upper right corner (see step #9), and then click on "Auto-clean disabled".

This will turn on the Auto-clean feature. The button should turn green and say "Auto-clean enabled".

11) Enable Support for Firefox Container Tabs

This is an optional step if you are using the Firefox Multi-Account Containers add-on. See the Mozilla Firefox page for all the add-ons you should consider installing.

Click on the "Cookie AutoDelete" icon (see step #9), then click on Settings.

On the Settings screen, under "Other Browsing Data Cleanup Options" select "Enable Support for Firefox's Container Tabs".


You have successfully installed Cookie AutoDelete add-on in your Firefox web browser. Cookies will now get deleted each time you close a Firefox tab. Without their cookies constantly sitting on your computer, websites will have a harder time tracking you.

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