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Apr 28, 2019

How to Purchase NOD32 Antivirus | Smart Computer Security

To purchase NOD32 antivirus you need to know how many computers and smart phones you will use it on.

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Mar 10, 2019

Computer Security and Backup

One of the most important aspects of computer security, and the best way to protect your data, is to have good backup.

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Sep 28, 2018

Computer Security on the Internet

When you are on the Internet, anyone can reach your computer. They can be next door, in another state, or another continent. The Internet is a global network with billions of people and devices connected.

Cyber thieves are on the Internet as well. They know it is much easier to steal money and information online than it is in the physical world. There are millions of opportunities at their fingertips, and they are not wasting any time.

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Sep 01, 2018

How to Safely Browse the Internet

Cyber criminals know that one of the easiest ways to break into your computer is while you are surfing the web.

One simple step you can take that will considerably increase your computer security is making sure no one can read the communication between the web browser on your computer and the website you are visiting.

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Aug 19, 2018

Back Up Your Computer with Backblaze

Having a functioning and reliable backup of your personal information and data is the only way to get it back if or when your computer gets a virus, malware or ransomware that causes damage to your data.

Backblaze is very easy to use. Once you install it, there is nothing else you have to do. It will continuously back up your documents, photos, music, movies, projects and data files to a secure remote location.

Backblaze can back up both Windows and Macs. Get peace of mind knowing your files are backed up securely in the cloud. Try it for free for 15 days.

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Aug 10, 2018

Protect Your Computer by Protecting Your Network

Your computer is almost always connected to the network - the Internet.

All computers on the Internet are automatically scanned and attacked by cyber thieves.

Protecting your network is as important as protecting your computer.

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Aug 03, 2018

Insecure Passwords Put Your Data at Risk

A password is insecure when it is easy for other people and computers to guess. Computers are very good at guessing weak, short, insecure passwords. Do not use insecure passwords. The risk of getting your data stolen is too high.

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Jul 27, 2018

Secure your web browsing with HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is a web browser add-on that secures your Internet web browsing by protecting the communication between your web browser and the website you are visiting.

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Jun 12, 2018

Install Sticky Password on Your Computer

Password manager is a software tool that keeps all your passwords safe and in one place. It enables you to use strong and secure passwords because you do not have to remember them. The password manager remembers them for you.

Follow these simple steps to install Sticky Password on your computer.

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May 28, 2018

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

ESET NOD32 antivirus is a simple, reliable and fast antivirus software. It is a great choice for protecting your computer and personal information from cyber criminals and thieves.

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Apr 17, 2018

Keep Your Computer Passwords Secure

Using strong passwords is one of the best ways to keep your computer secure.

Password manager keeps all your passwords in one safe place. It helps you use secure passwords because you don't have to remember them. It remembers them for you.

It can also generate secure passwords for you when you need them.

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Apr 05, 2018

Antivirus Software | Antiviruses

Antivirus software protects your computer from malicious computer viruses. It is the most important component of your layered security computer defense.

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Mar 26, 2018

Computer Security Scanners That Protect Your Computer

Computer security scanner is a software tool that checks your computer for malicious software like viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan horses, worms and others.

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Mar 18, 2018

What is Computer Security?

Computer security is a way to protect your computer, laptop, smart phone and tablet from cyber thieves who want to steal your personal data and information.

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Mar 14, 2018

Update Your Computer Software Often

You should update all software applications on your computer as often as possible.

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