Smart Computer Security

With the right computer security tools and techniques, you can protect your computer and personal information from cyber criminals and thieves.

Today’s cyber intruders are more sophisticated than ever. They are breaking into banks, retail stores, government organizations and our computers to steal valuable personal and financial information.

Don’t Be a Target of Opportunity

Many cyber thieves, like their real world counterparts, are opportunists. They look for targets that are highly profitable and require little effort and risk. Unsecured computers, easy-to-guess passwords and general lack of attention leave you open to attacks and make their life easy.

At the same time, new technology products are being developed and at an ever-increasing pace. Security is often an afterthought as technology companies rush product development to outsell one another in a highly-competitive technology market.

Layered Computer Security

So what can you do to defend yourself and lower the risk of someone breaking into your computer, email account or online service like a bank website?

Here is a sound strategy:

  • Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket and having just one type of computer protection, it is better to have several layers of defense. This way you can maximize your chances of keeping your computer protected
  • By having backups and knowing what to do if and when you get compromised, you can get going again with the least possible interruption

Rather than putting all your energy in preventing an attack, focus on making it more difficult and time consuming for a cyber intruder to break into your computer. Inserting multiple obstacles in the intruder’s path buys you time and wastes his.

She will get discouraged. At some point she will give up and go look for something easier to break into.

This is called defense in depth. It is a military strategy. And you can use it to your advantage.

By setting up multiple layers of defense using several independent methods, you can:

  1. increase your chances of preventing someone from breaking into your computer
  2. buy yourself extra time to detect - and respond to - an attack

The more protection layers you use...

  • Security tools that detect viruses and malware on your computer in real time
  • Using secure, hard-to-guess passwords
  • Tools that protect your web browser on the Internet
  • Programs that shred your data when you delete it
  • Computer, cell phone and personal data backups

...the more you will increase the security of your computer, tablet and mobile phone.

Embrace Computer Security and Fight Back

Cyber criminals are very advanced and much smarter than you and me.

They are breaking in more and more computers and online services every day.

They are opportunists, and look for easy targets.

Put your eggs in many baskets and use layered security to your advantage.

Use computer security tools and techniques to secure your computer and protect yourself at home and on the Internet.

Don’t let the bad guys win. Secure your computer and fight back!

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